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The Darker Side of Farmers Wives


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The are few studies which try to focus on gender aspects related to suicide committed farmers families. These studies have not concentrated on the qualitative aspects of women’s lives, changing roles of women, emerging role stress, load of roles, multiplicity of roles and adaptation with the emerging socio-cultural, economic, political and religious problems. Earlier most of the studies were based on quantitative methods with statistical data and case studies. In the context, the present study throws light on qualitative and quantitative aspects of Women’s lives, using in-depth interview methods, participatory observations, in the selected areas of the Marathwada region. The present research attempts to envelope the issues of emerging Role Conflict of suicide committed farmers wives in families, communities, workplaces and markets.

As they are subjected to the different demands at home, workplace, community and market, which are often antagonistic in nature, the suicide committed farmers wives are liable to have to perform because of their sex and culturally defined gender role in which they have to act, they are confronted sometimes with the responsibilities and duties in respect to their work (Kanpur, 1970).

The present investigation has a design to attempt and establish the aforesaid facts while venturing to explore those sources which are responsible for producing role conflict in suicide committed farmers wives.


Contents –

1. Introduction and Review of Literature
2. Theoretical Perspectives
3. Research Methodology
4. Socio-economic Background
5. Role Conflict among the Suicide Committed Farmers Wives
6. Findings, Conclusion and Suggestions


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