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The Foundations of Education : The Philosophical Approach


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This book is an attempt to meet the challenge of the new millennium where pupils find themselves hurled into an ocean of vast encompassing knowledge. It also attempts to soothe the dilemma of the new millennia teachers who has to previously dwell upon old Philosophical assumptions and concepts

The book provides an exhaustive treatment of the subject in a very lucid and cogent manner; so that an average student and teacher can grasp the subject-matter very easily. The content flows logically from one chapter to another. The content is spread over nineteen chapters including the basic concepts of Education and Philosophy. The earlier chapters focus on the meaning, definitions, scope, functions and relationship between Philosophy and Education. The middle order chapters take the reader through a travelogue down the constitutional provisions, recommendations and policies in the field of educational by various commissions and committees. The is followed by the educational philosophies of prominent Western and Indian Thinkers and Philosophers.


Book Content of The Foundations of Education : The Philosophical Approach

  1. Meaning and Nature of Philosophy
  2. Meaning and Types of Education
  3. Scope of Education
  4. Functions of Education
  5. Relation Between Philosophy and Education
  6. Indian Traditional Philosophy and its Implications and Ancient Indian of Education
  7. Indian Education: Constitutional Provisions
  8. Secondary Education Commission: 1952-53
  9. The Kothari Commission 1964-66
  10. The National Education Policy-1968: 10+2+3 Pattern
  11. The Ishwarbhai Patel Review Committee-1977
  12. The National Policy on Education (NPE)-1986
  13. Revised National Policy on Education-1992
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