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The Management and Their Expectations


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We all are aware of Personnel, Production, Finance, Marketing, Material, and Hotel Management etc. which we study at the various Management Institutions, for our personal growth but I have written this innovative book exploring a new dimension / aspect in the field of Management for the first time which is PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT.

Through “PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT” I have tried to explain the different routine problems of the workers/employees & the expectations of the Management and the seniors from their subordinates or workers working in the organisation. The myriad problems faced by the workforce would be explained by practical management through this book.

This book would be very helpful for all the employees working in any Organisation and they would be able to know that inspite of having all the required qualities, why a hard working, laborious, dedicated honest, educated & sincere worker is ignored by the management and not given promotion or recommendation or other benefits. This book would also be helpful for all, especially for the new employees who have completed their studies and are planning to start working. The workers/employees who are already working in any organisation can also use this as a reference book and seek guidance.

Content –

1. Introduction

2. A Brief Note on the Management

3. The Organisation

4. A Brief Note on the Practical Management

5. Manager & Their Types

6. A Brief Note on the Behaviour of the Management Towards Their Workers / Employmees

7. Workers & Their Behaviour

8. Responsibility and Behaviour of The Middle Management

9. Expectations of The Management From Their Workforce

10. Expectations of Worker From The Management

11. Lessons & Inspirations

12. Progress of Employees or Workers



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