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Travel and Tourism


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This book on Travel and Tourism is meticulously crafted for students studying hotel management and tourism. It delves into the fundamental principles of tourism, elucidating them with many examples, illustrations, tables, and photographs.

Beginning with an introduction to the travel and tourism industry the book has mainly emphasised on talking about the types of tourism, infrastructure telecommunication, geography of tourism and tour guiding, escorting and interpretation and hospitality management as a whole.

The books explain how geography in tourism plays an important role in dissecting the different time zones. It includes extensive discussion on socio-economic, environmental, political impact of tourism. The book also highlights the steps involved in becoming a licenced tour guide. The unit is primarily designed to focus on tour guiding and escorting, including techniques, interpretation, handling emergencies, tourist safety, and health risks. It also draws special attention to hospitality management, emphasising hotel operations in various types of hotels, as well as duties, responsibilities, and operations in elite hotel sectors.

The writer has placed significant emphasis on excellence, transparency, and straightforwardness, rendering it beneficial for individuals learning independently and those aiming for success in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector.

Contents –

1. Principles and Practices of Tourism
2. Travel Geography
3. Tour Guiding and Escorting
4. Hospitality Management


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Dr. Sushma Sunita Tirkey


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