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Waves and Oscillations

Present book, entitled ‘Waves and Oscillations’, has been written according to the new syllabus under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for B.Sc. (Physics) students of all Universities. The oscillatory and wave phenomena are very common in nature and the relevent study forms a course of extreme importance in basic physics. In the present book on waves and oscillations, the syllabus has been divided into five units with six chapters. First two chapters of the book are devoted to the study of simple, damped and forced harmonic oscillations. Third chapter deals with complex vibrations which are analysed with the help of Fourier theorem. Vibrations of strings and bars are discussed in next two chapters. Last chapter deals with the topic on ultrasonics, being a subject of scientific, teachnologcal and medical importance.

In order to understand the basic concepts of physics, it is necessary that the students have sufficient practice to solve the related problems. To stress this point, the subject comittee has made it necessary that at least three problems are to be asked in each theory paper. This is why we have given a sufficient number of selected informative and modern solved problems inside each chapter followed by a good number of unsloved problems at the end of each chapter.


Contents –

1. Simple Harmonic Oscillations
2. Damped and Forced Oscillations
3. Complex Vibrations
4. Vibrating Strings
5. Vibrations of Bars
6. Ultrasonics


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