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Women Empowerment During 21st Century in India


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The aim of this book is to discuss certain issues and constraints encountered in bringing about women comportment during 21st Century in India. Importance of this book lies in the fact that Empowerment of women has emerged as an important issue in recent times. The economic empowerment of women is being regarded these dyes as a sine-quinoa of progress for a country. Women and men are the two wheels of the family and of cause society. Both are very important for country’s growth and development. Intact with one wing. No bird can fly, like this for country’s growth both (men and women) involvement is needed at all spheres of economy and society women in Indian are highly regarded. But deprived of powers. Women empowerment requires a concerted effect to ally the drivers of economic growth with a spirit of social care. By included leading expert’s articles on the key issues within the field of importants in women empowerment.


Contents :

1. Empowerment of Women Through Self Help Groups in Karnataka – An Empirical Study in Mysore District – Dr. Siddaraju V.G.
2. The Study of Anaemia Among Womeailn India- An Inter State Analysis – Dr. Talwar Sabanna and Mr. Basavaraj Hediginal
3. Micro Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment – Dr. Premakumara, G.S. and Dr.Huchhe Gowda
4. Women Empowerment through Micro Finance – Dr. Nagaraja. G.
5. Microfinance to Women Empowerment: Issues and Concerns – Raghavendra Rao
6. Socio-Economic Status of Women Beedi Rolling Workers: A Case Study of Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka – Dr. Dinesha P.T. and Prakruthi A.R.
7. Inclusive Growth of Women Empowerment; An Overview of Karnataka – Dr. Nagaraj. M. Muggur
8. Women Empowerment and Higher Education in India – Shilpq Wodeyar and Dr. Shambhasivam
9. Role of EDP’s in Encouraging Women’s in Setting up Micro and Small Business Enterprises: a study in North Karnataka – Guruprasad V. Ganeshkar and Dr. (Smt) Mukta S. Adi
10. Health Perspectives of Indian Women – Smt. Suchitra S.
11. Human Rights Violations of Women Domestic Workers: Need for Rights-Based Social Work Interventions – Dr. Ashok Antony D’Souza and Dr. Chandrashekar C. Banasode
12. Micro enterprise development through floriculture: A study on Jasmine Flower in Dakshina Kannada District – Mr. Vishal Pinto and Dr. P.N. Udayachandra
13. A Study on Employment of Women Under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guaranty Scheme (MGNREGS) – Srinivas K.T., Devaraju and Aluregowda
14. Empowerment of Rural Women Through TLntrepreneruship – A Case Study of Mandya District – Suresha A.L.
15. Women Empowerment in India: A 21st Century Perspective – MS. Pooja Halyal
16. Empowerment of SC&ST Women Members through Capacity Building Programme: Experience of Kalaghatagi Taluk, Karnataka – Dr. Narayana Billava and Mr. D.R Revankar
17. Problems and Prospects of Women Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Belagavi – Dr. B.S. Navi
18. Problems, Prospects and Opportunities of Rural Women Entrepreneurship in India – Dr. R.V. Gangshetty, Geeta S. Biradar and Shreedevi S. Jatti
19. Socio-Economic Condition of Tribal Women: A Case Study – Dr. Nagaraja S. and Dr. Pallavi S. Kusugal
20. Empowrment of Women: Reference to Education and Politics – Dr. Ramesh M.N. and Mr. Kanakappa Pujar
21. Role of Micro Finance in Eradicating Poverty in India – Dr. N. Sreedhar and Dr. T.V. Seshaiah
22. Political Economy and Women Empowerment in Karnataka: an Analysis – Kamalaxi G. Tadasad and Mahesh Naik
23. Women participation in Economic Development : A Case Study of Women Participation in the Development of Ilkal Saree Industry – M.G. Bangari and Dr. Uliveppa H.H.
24. Decentralization Democracy and Women in India: An Overview – Dr. N. Mudduraju
25. Economic Determinants of Women Empowerment – Dr. Ravi S. Daiawai, Mr. Prasanna B. Joshi and Dr. Abhay M. Patil
26. Women Employment and Organised Sector – Dr. D.N. Patil and Mr. Ravindragouda K.
27. Role of Shgs in Economic Empowernment of Women with Special Reference to Bijapur District – Prof. P.M. Parugond
28. Study of the effect of Meena troop activities on Girls Education in Higher Primary Schools of Socially backward areas – Pushpalatha
29. Development of Women Entrepreneurship in India – Dr. Talwar Sabanna and Mr. Raghavendra Hajgolkar
30. Problem of Rural Women Entrepreneurs – Dr. Rajashri S.Gudaganavar and Dr. Nagaraj V. Gudaganavar
31. Women Empowerment Through Micro Finance – Selp-Help Groups in Karnataka – Dr. B.T. Ramappa
32. Women, Leisure and Empowerment – Rashmi Pai K. and Shreenivas B. Hadadi
33. Participation of Women in Agriculture Development in India: Determinants and Strategies – Rekha K.H. and K.B. Rangappa
34. Empowerment of Rural Women and SHGs: As a Key drive – Shashikumar T.P. and Ananda Gowda N.
35. Role of Women in Agriculture – Shobha Shivaprasad Nayak and Shreedevi S. Hakkimane
36. Role of Rural Women in Indian Agricultural sector – Siddalingareddy and Shridevi Harwal
37. Women Empowerment in India – A Burning Issue – Smt. Sunanda Shankar
38. Trends in Literacy and Agriculture across females in Karnataka: A District level Analysis – Geeta Koogi and Mohammed Ashfaq Ahamed
39. Santwana- Women Helpline – A Ray of Hope for Women in Distress – Dhavaleshwar C.U. and Patil S.R.
40. Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Sex Ratio-Literacy Rate in Hassan District: A Geographical Study – Dr. B.R. Bagade
41. Women Empowerment through Panchayats in Karnataka -An overview – Dr. GundeGowda
42. Violence against Women in India: Critical Analysis on Morality and Ethical issues of contemporary society – Chandrashekar S.V.
43. Constitutional Provisions for Women in India – Dr. A. Vkarabasanagoudra
44. Impact of SHGs on Women Participation in Domestic Decision Making: An empirical Study in Davangere District of Karnataka – Dr. Renuka Bai, Dr. B.P. Veerabhadrappa and Dr. K.B. Rangappa
45. Women Education: A Theoretical analysis of Karnataka state – Dr. M.C. Yarriswamy, Dr. T. Pradeep Kumar and Mohan Kumar G.
46. Economic Empowerment of Women Through Production and Marketing Activities of Shg’s: A Micro Study – R. Thippa Reddy and Dr. K.B. Dhananjaya
47. Micro-Credit: An Effective Tool for Rural Women Empowerment in 21st Century – Smt. Vidya Hadagali and Dr. Manoj Dolli


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