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Women Empowerment In The 21st Century


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Women constitute around half of the total world population, so is the case in India also. They are, therefore, regarded as the better-half of the society. One of the biggest indicators of society`s progress is the empowerment of women, and although women are still treated as a sub-species in most of the countries. There is no doubt that India is in the midst of a great revolution in the history of women. The evidence is everywhere; the voice of women is increasingly heard in parliament, courts and in streets. One of the significant developments in the recent times in India is the initiative taken in development of entrepreneurship process among women. Empowerment of any section of society is a myth until they are conferred equality before law. The complex issues like discriminatory practices, glass ceilings, legal hurdles in growth and development of women, and the challenges to women empowerment in the 21st century and so on have been debated. The book “Women Empowerment in the 21st Century” is divided into four parts as follows:

PART-A Role of Women – Vedic to Modern Times
PART-B Self Help Group – Woman Empowerment
PART-C Women and Corporate Era
PART-D Case Study


Contents –

1. Introduction to Women Empowerment in the 21st Century – Dr. H.S. Cheema
2. The Role of Education in the Empowerment of Women – Dr. H.S. Cheema, Prof. Sapna Modi
Part A – Role of Women-Vedic To Modern Times
1. Challenges faced by women Vedic to Modern Times – Prof. Purva Gaikwad, Prof. Pallavi S. Math, Prof. Neha N. Karnik
2. Challenging Role of Indian Women from Vedic to Modern Times – Prof. Sanjeevani Pathak
3. Matriarchal System during Vedic Times – Dr. Uma Nambiar
4. Challenging Role of Indian Women from Vedic to Modern Times – Prof. Sheena Umesh
5. Challenging Role of Indian Women from Vedic to Modern Times – Prof. Ganga B. Nair
Part B : Self Help Group-Women Empowerment
1. Micro Finance-The Role of Women Empowerment – Dr. Seethalekshmy N.
2. SHG – Role in Women Empowerment – Prof. Joana William Tuscane
3. SHG – As a Catalyst in Empowerment of Rural Women – Prof. Shaila Srivastav, Prof, Sangita Das
4. SHG And Role in Women Empowerment – Prof. S.V.L. Anuradha, Prof. Ashwini D. Gokhale
Part C : Women and Corporate ERA
1. Work participation of Women – Challenges & Initiatives
2. Challenges faced by Women in Corporate World – Prof. Sudha Kini
3. Women & Corporate Era – Dr. C.N. Rawal, Prof. Suvarna S. Deo
4. A Study of Challenge faced by Women Employed in Corporate World – Dr. Sherly Kurein, Prof. Nandini Jagannarayam
5. The Glass Ceiling A Truth in India – Prof. Kanchan Sridhar Fulmali
6.Work Place Challenges for Women in the 21st Century – Prof. Savita K. Udaysi
7. Women & Environment Management – Prof. Priti Srivastava
8. Women & Environment Management – Prof. Priya Parkar
9. Women Entrepreneur-a Journey Ps to Es – Prof. Sharmila Jajodia
10. Law and Gender Sensitivity – Advocate Manasi Save
Part D : Case Study
1. Women Entrepreneurship – A Case Study of Navi Mumbai – Dr. T.P. Ghule, Dr. Minu Thomas, Prof. Jayshree Giri, Prof. Aarthi Kalyanraman
2. Empowering Women A Case Study of Kudumbashree in Kerala – Prof. Liji Santosh
3. Women Empowerment through SHG: A Case Study of Savitribai Phule Mahila Ekatma Samaj Mandal – Aurangabad – Dr. Anuradha Kumar, Dr. Deepali Moghe
4. The Women in the Agrarian Society as seen in Agriculture Folksongs of Central Kerala – Dr. Suja Rao Abraham




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