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Zoology (Sem IV, Nagpur Univ)


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ZOOLOGY : B. Sc. Semester IV is an effort to make available an authentic and standard study material for the students and teachers. The book has been compiled exclusively as per the New Semester-wise Syllabus of RTM Nagpur University. The study material of the book is derived from many standard reference and textbooks of International and National repute.

The book is divided into three parts and eight units:
Part I: Paper VII “Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates (Reptilia, Ayes and Mammals)” with IV Units
Part II: Paper VIII “Molecular Biology and Immunology” with IV units
Part III: Practical based on Paper VII & VIII

The unique feature of book is point wise presentation of subject matter which will really helpful for the students while reading the book. Several illustrative diagrams have been included in the text which will help students to grasp the idea quickly and easily. At the end of each part of the book questions based on syllabus are given with a view to facilitate students while writing the answers.


Contents :

Paper VII: Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates (Reptilia, Aves and Mammals)
Unit I
1.1 Reptilia
1.2 Poison Apparatus, Biting Mechanism, Snake Venom and its Importance
1.3 Aves
1.4 Mammals
Question Bank
Unit II
2.1 Modern Theories of Evolution
2.2 Adaptations
2.3 Introduction to Genetic Basis of Evolution
2.4 Races in Man
Question Bank
Unit III
3.1 Comparative Account of Aortic Arches and Heart in Reptiles, Birds and Mammals
3.2 Structure of Hen`s Egg
3.3 Development of Chick Up to Premitive Streak Stage
3.4 Development of Extra Embryonic Membranes In Chick and Functions
Question Bank
Unit IV
4.1 Blastocyst and Implantation In Mammals: Types of Placenta on the Basis of Morphological and Histological Structure; Functions of Placenta
4.2 Stem Cells: Sources, Types and their use in Human Welfare
4.3 Biological Clock: Diurnal and Rhythmic Behavior in Birds and Mammals
4.4 Role of Pheromones in Reproductive Behavior
Question Bank
Paper VIII: Molecular Biology and Immunology
Unit I
1.1 DNA: Structure of DNA, Forms of DNA, Properties of DNA, DNA as a Genetic Material
1.2 RNA: Structure of RNA, Types of RNA, RNA as a Genetic Material
1.3 Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Gene Structure
1.4 Recombination in Bacteria
Question Bank
Unit II
2.1 Dna Replication
2.2 Genetic Code
2.3 Protein Synthesis
2.4 Gene Regulation Models
Question Bank
Unit III
3.1 Concepts of Immunity
3.2 Antigen
3.3 Antibody
3.4 Antigen-Antibody Interaction
Question Bank
Unit IV
4.1 Types of Immune Response
4.2 Complement System
4.3 Cytokines
4.4 Autoimmunity and Immunodeficiencies
Question Bank
Practical III (Based on Paper VII and VIII
Section A
Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates (Reptilia, Aves and Mammals
Identification, Classification, Distinguishing Characters and Adaptive features of
2. Study of Permanent Slides
3. Study of Skeleton of Rabbit and Fowl
4. Development Biology, Study of Permanent Slides of Chick Embryology W.M:
Section B
Molecular Biology and Immunology
Molecular Biology
1. Staining of DNA and RNA in Blood Smear of Fish/Human By Methyl Green Pyronin Technique
2. Introduction to Basic Laboratory Instruments and Equipments-Autoclave, Centrifuge, Ph Meter, Micropipettes, Digital Balance, Homogenizer, Electrophoresis Apparatus; Molar and Normal Solutions Calculations
3. Isolation of DNA (Genomic DNA from any available source) by Phenol Extraction Method
1. Determination of Blood Groups (ABO and Rh) in Humans
2. Antigen-Antibody Interaction by Double Diffusion Method (Ouchterlony)
3. Study of Histological Slides of Organs of Immune System-Thymus, Lymph Nodes and Spleen
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