B.K. Chaudhuri

B.K. Chaudhuri was born on 1st May 1925, in a well-to-do family at Madh island, Mumbai. He was a freedom fighter, took part in the freedom struggle and went to jail in 1942. Later in the year 1974, he was honoured by the chief minister of Mumbai, Mr. Vasantdada Patil with a Tamrapatra`. He worked as a teacher in the St. Xaviers High School, Vileparle, till he retired. He was an accomplished artist; his speciality being of oil paintings on canvas wood with his bare fingers. He Kept himself occupied with his hobbies for writing plays in Marathi. He also staged some Marathi dramas like `Jevha Avtarli Nari`. Life is Enchanting was his first English novel, was very dear to him till his last breath on 5/11/2011. He was into fitness and he continued with his exercise regime right upto his death.