Dr. G.P. Prasain

Dr. G. P. Prasain, an alumnus of Banaras Hindu University, is presently Associate Professor and Head, Department of Commerce, Manipur University. He has contributed many articles and research papers in reputed journals and books of social science, apart from presenting a number of papers at various seminars and conferences held at regional, national and international level. He is life member of many academic and professional bodies of the country. He has been serving on the Boards of Studies and Boards of Examiners of several universities for M.Com. MBA and Ph.D. Programmes. Dr. Prasain has published three books on Entrepreneurship Development and Edited fourth issues of the journal “Knagleipak Business Review”, a journal published by the Department of Commerce, Manipur University. His areas of interest are Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development.