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Global Convergence of Commerce Education


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The forces of globalization deregulation, open competition privatization and technological changes have opened doors for healthy development of commerce and industry in India. This has resulted in demand for commerce degree holders well equipped with knowledge, skill and attitudes for the successful handling of trade, commerce and industry. A commerce graduate is expected to handle Junior Management position in companies, banks, insurance corporations, hotels, hospitals, plantations, non-banking financial intermediaries etc. However, to cope with challenges, a paradigm shift in education and training is needed which could prepare persons who would contribute to industrial, agricultural and commercial efficiency. In this book, an attempt has been made to include the various papers which are related with the latest development of commerce and management education in the country. The book will be useful to the students of M.Com., MBA., M.A. (economics), Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary etc.


Book Content of Global Convergence of Commerce Education
1. Commerce Education in India at Crossroads
Prof. S. S. Khanka

E-Commerce and Information Technology

2. Role of Information Technology and E-Commerce in the Development Process – A Study
Dr. N. Tejmani Singh and S. Rita Devi
3. Information and Communication Technology and Commerce Education – A Perspective
Kh. Bobby Singh
4. Impact of Information Technology on Commerce and Business
Geeta Thangjam
5. Agents in E-Commerce
Dr. L. Shashikumar Sharma

Value Added Tax

6. Value Added Tax, its Effectiveness in Manipur – A Case Study
Dr. Kh. Devananda Singh
7. A study of Taxation in Manipur
Prof. E. Bijoykumar Singh and Kh. Arundas Singh
8. States`s Experience of VAT: With Special Reference to MVAT – 2004
Chinglen Maisnam and M. Dineshwor Singh


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