Dr. P.K. Khanna

Dr. Pramod Kumar Khanna joined Bank of Baroda as an Officer and retired from the post of Assistant General Manager after serving the bank for over 36 years. He did his doctorate in Management from R.A. Podar Institute of Management, Rajasthan University, Jaipur. His topic of thesis was "Dynamics of Motivation: A Case Study of Selected Banks". He served the bank in different functional, managerial, supervisory and administrative capacities both in India and overseas offices of the bank. He was in charge of banks training establishment and also held the position of CEO of a Regional Rural Bank sponsored by the bank. His articles on banking and topics of Management have been published in "IBA Bulletin" (Indian Banker) published by "Indian Banks Association", Mumbai and in "Southern Economist" published from Bengaluru. Dr. Khanna served as visiting faculty for ten years at M.S. University Baroda and three years at C.K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management, Baroda. He has published a book "Management of Banks" and co-authored a book on "Principles and Practice of Bank Management" published by "Himalaya Publishing House", Mumbai. His book "ABCD of Management" published by India International Publishing House, Lucknow is a satire. He has also written a book in Hindi entitled "Akhir Kab Tak" having short stories mainly focusing on women and society. His second Hindi story book "Katha kee Vyatha" is in the press.