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A Technical Manual for Water and Wastewater Analysis


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Presently, there are many agencies involved in water supply in India and each agency has its own laboratory test practices. In view of the demand for a comprehensive manual by various water quality testing laboratories at Central, State, District, Block and Gram Panchayat levels, effort has been made to prepare a technical manual for water and wastewater analysis which can cater to the needs of various laboratories. The main objective of this manual is to ensure quality control in water testing laboratories.

This manual includes the methods for physico-chemical, microbiological, and biological parameters which can be practiced in all the laboratories. Due emphasis has been given in this manual to basic requirements in water testing laboratory and sampling procedures which are important factors for water and wastewater testing. More than one analytical method has been described for the testing of physico-chemical parameters. Appropriate analytical method can be adopted by the concerned water testing laboratory depending on the equipment/ instrument availability. A separate chapter in the manual describes some useful tests for drinking water treatment. WHO Guidelines and Indian Standards for drinking water have been given as annexures in this manual.

The contributions and suggestions of all the scientific and technical staff involved in water and wastewater analysis at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) is greatly acknowledged. We cannot thank them enough for their cooperation and many gestures.


Contents –

1. Basic Requirements of Water Testing Laboratory
2. Sampling Procedures
3. Physico-Chemical Analysis
4. Mineral Parameters
5. Demand Parameters
6. Nutrient Parameters
7. Metals
8. Organic Analysis
9. Pesticides Analysis
10. Microbiological Analysis
11. Biological Analysis
12. Sediment Analysis
13. Useful Tests for Drinking Water Treatment
I. WHO Guideline Values for Chemicals of Health Significance in Drinking Water (2004)
II. CPHEEO (Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India) Regulations for Drinking Water Quality (1999)
III. Bureau of Indian Standards / Specifications for Drinking Water (IS : 10500, 1992)
IV. CPCB Guideline Values for Classification of Inland Surface Waters (1982)


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