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A Text Book of Organic Evolution


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Earlier published as organic evolution, this edition with a bigger title “A Textbook of Organic Evolution” has been thoroughly revised and enlarged. All the chapters have been retouched and given a new outlook. The most attractive feature of this edition is the simple and lucid language with the incorporation of illustrations in latest style. It is an outgrowth of a desire to present an update picture of evolution in a relatively non-technical and appreciable manner. It has been designed only after receiving the feedback from teachers and students. The current text is considerably shorter and more conversational in tone than the encyclopedic texts, yet it contains all of the information that is pertinent to students who are learning evolution. Although this book is aimed at undergraduate and post-graduate students, but it is hoped that it will be accessible, informative and enjoyable to other readers lacking prior knowledge of evolution. Honest attempt has been made to explain concept, wherever possible by examples, and with a minimum of professional clutter. The overall objective of this revised edition is to provide a text with comprehensive coverage of molecular basis of evolution. A glossary of many of the technical terms is appended as a reference. A number of theoretical possibilities the reader with alternative views.

Many Scientists and teachers contributed as reviewers, to the development of this book. Their help was invaluable, for the breadth of material dealt with here far exceeds the range of our personal expertise. The reviewers has helped weed out inaccuracies and misconceptions and have helped me to organize the material both to facilitate student understanding and to bring the treatment into line with current thinking by leading investigators.

Most of illustrations have been taken from professional papers and standard books and journals. Subject matter has also been obtained from a large number of standard books, reviews and research papers by internationally renowned workers and established authors. That is why there can be no claim to originality except in the manner of treatment.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Origin of the Earth
3. Origin of Life
4. Evidences of organic Evolution
5. Lamarckism
6. Darwinism
7. Darwin`s Theory of Pangenesis
8. Natural Selection
9. De Vries` Mutation Theory
10. Isolation
11. Adaptations
12. Individual and Specific Adaptations
13. Colouration
14. Mimicry
15. Variation
16. Speciation
17. Artificial Selection
18. Sexual Selection
19. Micro– and Macroevolution
20. Modern Synthesis of Evolution
21. Rocks and their Dating
22. Fossils and Fossilization
23. Trace Fossils and Living Fossils
24. Geological Time Scale
25. Dinosaurs
26. Extinction
27. Animal Distribution
28. Barriers
29. Zoogeographical Distribution
30. Evolution of Horse
31. Evolution of Camel
32. Evolution of Elephant
33. Evolution of Man




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