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A Textbook of Molecular Biology


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Earlier published as Molecular Biology, this edition with a bigger title “A Textbook of Molecular Biology” has been thoroughly revised and enlarged for students preparing for careers in biology, medicine and related fields. This edition has been designed to establish a conceptual framework that represents a sound approach to learning and facilitates the compre-hension of the vast amount of information constituting the field of Molecular Biology. The entire text has been revised with an eye to providing clarity and coverage of the latest cutting-edge topics in Molecular Biology. This text provides students with clearly written straightforward explanations that elucidate difficult, complex topics without over-simplifying presentations.

Spectacular advances have been made in many areas of molecular biology since the publication of the 2nd edition that contribute to our growing understanding of the beauty and wonder of this field. The goal was to design the text in an approachable and readable form that the students can understand and master. In fact, the book was planned to be intellectually gratifying and to convey not only facts, but also a sense to the excitement of modern molecular and cellular biology.

This book is not intended to be encyclopedic in its coverage. Our goal is to present the essential principles, processes, and methodology of molecular biology as lucidly as possible. Recognizing the exceptionally rapid pace of discovery in molecular biology during the past several years, we have sought to weave new knowledge and insights into the fabric of the text while remaining faithful to our central goal of focusing on the essentials of the discipline.


Contents –

1. Origin of Cell
2. The Cell
3. Microscopy
4. Protoplasm
5. Plasma Membrane
6. Transport Across Membranes
7. The Cell Wall
8. Cellular Interaction
9. Enzymes
10. Cutology of Vaculoes
11. Mitochondria
12. Bioenergetic
13. The Golgi Complex
14. Lysosomes
15. Peroxisomes
16. Endoplasmic Reticulum
17. Ribsomes
18. Plastids
19. Cilia and Flagella
20. Centriole
21. Microtubules / Cytoskeleton
22. Nucleus
23. Chromosomes
24. Cell Division
25. Polyploidy
26. Nucleic Acid (DNA)
27. Biological Replication
28. Enzymes of DNA Synthesis
29. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
30. RNA Biosynthesis
31. Transcriptional Control
32. Nature of the Genetic Material
33. Protein Synthesis
34. Gene Expression
35. Genetic Code
36. Cell Signalling
37. Cancer


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