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Advanced Java (Mumbai Univ)


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The evolution of advanced object oriented programming language such as C++, Java has provided very effective and efficient programming tools. Specially Java can be used for implementing Windows and Web Application concepts. Due to increasing popularity of Java as a prominent programming language for implementing advanced features, University of Mumbai has included “Advanced Java” in its Revised Syllabus of T.Y.B.Sc. (IT), Semester V.

This book has been designed as per new revised syllabus of T.Y.B.Sc. (IT), Mumbai University. This book incorporates advanced concepts of Windows and Web applications of Java programming. This book includes all the related topics with Variety of examples which is understandable to students.

This book is organised in 6 units.

Unit 1 contains two chapters. Chapter 1 explains Event Delegation Model and other Events Interface. Chapter 2 covers Windows fundamental, Control fundamentals and Layout Managers.

Unit 2 contains three chapters. Chapter 3 elaborates introduction to JFC and Swing. Chapter 4 covers different Swing components. Chapter 5 covers Advanced Swing components and different examples.

Unit 3 contains three chapters. Chapter 6 contains introduction to Servlet. Chapter 7 contains Servlet API, Interface and Cookies. Chapter 8 covers the servlet example.

Unit 4 contains three chapters. Chapter 9 covers Java Database Connectivity using different drivers. Chapter 10 provides insights on Java Server Pages. Chapter 11 covers Java Server Pages examples.

Unit 5 consist of Chapter 12 and 13 which explains the concepts of Java Server Faces and Enterprise Java Beans.

Unit 6 consist of chapter 14, 15 and 16 which explores the concepts of Hibernate, Example of Hibernate, Struts and example on Struts.


Contents –

Unit – I
1 Event Delegation Model
Unit – II
3 Introduction to JFC and Swing
4 Swing Components
5 Advanced Swing Components
Unit – III
6 Introduction to Servlets
7 Servlet API
8 Working with Servlets
Unit – IV
10 Java Server Pages
11 Working with Java Server Pages



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2016, 2018



Sandeep Vishwakarma


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