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An Atlas of Allergenically Significant Plants of India


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The importance of phenological and aerobiological researches in the diagnosis and therapeutic management of allergic diseases have been established all over the world. The knowledge of aerobiology at local, regional and global levels is prerequisite for effective and efficient diagnosis and treatment of the various allergic symptoms. Globally and in India it is estimated that 20-40 per cent people suffer from one or the other allergic disease. So it is a National health problem.

In order to adapt avoidance strategy towards plant allergens, it is essential to identify the local plants and their flowering periods to correlate with the symptoms of the allegic patients. In the present book we have attempted to provide phonological and aerobiological details of allergenically significant plants of different geographical regions of India. The Atlas is aimed at to provide siple guidelines with their botanical and vernacular names to allergy practioners, researchers, environmentalists, aerobiologists and to allergy sufferers. This will help the clinicians to select the appropriate allergens for diagnosis and immunotherapy to which patients would have been exposed.


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List of Plants –
1. Acacia arabica
2. Adhatoda vasica
3. Aegle marmelos
4. Ageratum conyzoides
5. Ailanthus excelsa
6. Albizia lebbek
7. Alnus nitida
8. Amaranthus Spinosus
9. Argemone mexicana
10. Artemisia vulgaris
11. Asphodelus tenufolius
12. Azadirachta indica
13. Bauhinia variegata
14. Betula utilis
15. Borassus flabellifer
16. Brassica campestris
17. Broussonetia papyrifera
18. Cannabis sativa
19. Carica papaya
20. Cassia fistula
21. Cassia occidentalis
22. Cassia siamea
23. Casuarina equisetifolia
24. Celtis australis
25. Cenchrus ciliaris
26. Cedrus deodara
27. Chenopodium album
28. Chenopodium murale
29. Clerodendrum inerme
30. Cocos nucifera
31. Coriandrum sativum
32. Cratavea nurvala
33. Cynodon dactylon
34. Cyperus rotundus
35. Dactylis glomerata
36. Delonix regia
37. Dodonaea Visosa
38. Ehretia laevis
39. Eucalyptus sp.
40. Grevillea robusta
41. Gynandropsis gynandra
42. Holoptelea integrifolia
43. Imperata sp. (cylind


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Dr. A.B. Singh,

Dr. Asha Khandelwal


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