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An Introduction to MACROECONOMICS


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This book “An Introduction to Macroeconomics” is an introductory textbook on Macroeconomics which covers almost all the topics of modern macroeconomics in a comprehensive manner. There are many excellent textbooks on Macroeconomics written by foreign as well as Indian authors. However, most of these books are above the standard of average students. Hence, this book is mainly written based on the requirements of the average students.

Distinctive Features of the Book –
– Precise and concise description of the principles, policies, laws, hypotheses, theories and models
– Simple and easily understandable language
– Exercises in the form of multiple choices type questions including UGC-NET questions of various years at the end of the respective chapters to enable the students for preparing for the UGC Test for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility Test for Lectureship
Covers the UGC-NET syllabus
– Covers the syllabi of various Autonomous Colleges and leading Universities in India
– Includes Nobel Laureates in Economics
– Incorporates Glossary


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Basic Concepts
3. National Income
4. Full Employment and Unemployment
5. Classical Theory of Employment
6. Keynesian Theory of Employment
7. Consumption Function
8. Theories of Consumption Function
9. Saving and Investment
10. Multiplier
11. Acceleration Principle
12. Super Multiplier
13. Rate of Interest
14. IS-LM Model
15. Demand for Money and Supply of Money
16. Inflation
17. Deflation
18. Business Cycle
19. Macroeconomic Policy
20. Monetary Policy
21. Fiscal Policy
22. Incomes Policy
23. Classical Theory Versus Keynesian Economics
24. Monetarism Versus Keynesianism
25. Supply Side Economics
26. New Classical Economics
27. New Keynesian Economics
28. Macro Theories of Distribution
29. Schools of Thought in Macroeconomics


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A. Marimuthu,

D. Bose


Himalaya pub