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Effective Communication Skills


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Preparing for a career in Mass Media presupposes a very high level of skills in communication in all forms. The final product may be a film, a news report, a TV serial episode, an advertisement, or a feature, or even a book; the production requires personal, interpersonal, and group communication skills to form its foundation. No other profession demands such a vast array of communication skills and information, and the ability to work at such high speed.

There is no substitute for practice; and in the media, there is no substitute for passion and devotion either. Individuals who aspire to even a part time, freelancing activity in the media must learn to look at everything in the world as material for their craft, and be curious about how to present what they ‘see’ through a mass medium. Skills and techniques are undoubtedly necessary; but the attitude and the temperament, the passion and the hard work, make the media person.

This is the age of the media. Along with positions of power in the corporate world, career opportunities for media persons include not only being editor of an influential newspaper, but also being press secretary and media advisor to PM or President.

Although one may specialise and build up a high level of expertise in one medium and a specific format, it is essential to have knowledge of the variety of opportunities that exist in the profession. This book which follows the syllabus of BMM Semester 1 of Mumbai University, provides essential information about the various communication forms, texts, messages, tasks and activities that are included in mass media work.

Contents :

1. Process of Communication
2. Barriers to Communication
3. Types of Reading
4. Aspects of Language
5. Business Letter Layout
6. Effective Letter Writing Techniques
7. Job Application and Resume
8. Personnel Correspondence
9. Paragraph Writing
10. Introduction to Feature and Script Writing
11. Oral Communication Skills for Journalists
12. Presentations and Public Speaking
13. Types and Errors in Thinking
14. Listening — Types and Barriers
15. Translation


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Urmila Rai


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