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Basic Circuit Theory


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A Text book titled “BASIC CIRCUIT THEORT” intends to cater the need of students of B.Sc. Electronics 1st semester. It is as per recently revised syllabus under CBCS scheme for Universities in Andhra Pradesh. This text provides the comprehensive treatment for the electronic circuit analysis and designing in lucid manner.

The whole subject matter has been woven in seven chapters like seven colours in rainbow. The first chapter deals with the Circuit Elements. The second chapter presents the of Alternating Current Circuit Fundamentals. With the discussion on phasor numbers, AC applied to RC, RL, RLC series circuits, RLC-parallel circuit and power factor have been described using the phasor diagrams.

The third chapter offers the methods of analyzing Passive Networks. Beginning with ideal and practical voltage and current sources, Kirchhoff’s laws and their applications are described in details. The various methods for circuit analysis are lucidly explained with are required examples and a special attention on loop analysis and nodal analysis.

Network Theorems are very important to solve complicated networks. Network theorems their uses for solving network problems have been described in chapter fourth. Thevenising circuit and conversion of Thevenin’s to Norton’s and vice versa are given a attention with the working examples.

In chapter 5, Transient response of RC and RL circuits have been described with the use : differential equations. Frequency response of RC and RL circuits and their uses for the study low- and high pass filter circuits are discussed in this chapter. A basic concept of the Differentiating and Integrating circuits has been given at the end of this chapter.


Contents :

1. Electronic Components
2. A.C. Circuit Fundamentals
3. Passive Networks
4. Network Theorems
5. RC-and RL-Circuits
6. Resource in Electric Circuits
7. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope


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