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Basic Economics – II (Sem 2, NEP (Karnataka))


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Basic Economics – II is prescribed as compulsory paper for II semester Economics opted student under National Education policy. It is designed in keeping the view of student who are keen in study the fundamental theories of Economics in detail. It is designed by using simple language and used simple text design to understand the subject easily and capable to face the examination with confidence. The book, including basic concepts and theories of economics. At the same time, the book includes a number of innovative and interactive features designed to enhance student learning, instructors can also customize the book adapting it to the approach that works best in their classroom. The book is organized into nine Chapter: This book has been written to cater to the need of under graduates who are keen in knowing the basic Issues arising in recent advanced economic theories. Further examples have been added into the concepts to project the concept in a similar way and help the students in practical knowledge at the end of module long and short question have been given, the answer for the same could be easily traced in this text book.


Contents –

Unit 1 – Macroeconomic Concepts and Relationship
1. Macroeconomic
2. Monetary Economy
3. Inflation
Unit 2 – Macroeconomic Challenges
4. Macroeconomic Challenges
5. Monetary Policy
6. Fiscal Policy
Unit 3 – Public Policy and Globalisation
7. Poverty and Public Policy
8. International Trade
9. Globalisation


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Madhusudan H.S.,

Smt. Selvi V.,

T.C. Chandrashekar


Himalaya pub