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Beverages Knowledge and Art of Service


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“Beverages: Knowledge and Art of Service” covers the knowledge and skills, principles and practices necessary for those studying and/or working at a food and beverage service sector. The book also provides a framework for students of hospitality on which to build further studies and to relate further acquired knowledge and experience.

The courses in the book would explore the scope and nature of beverage services. It would develop the essential attributes and elementary skills in the service procedures of alcoholic beverages served in diverse catering establishment, lounges and bars.

The content aims to provide intrinsic knowledge of alcoholic beverages, and fermented and distilled spirits. It enables the students to apply the knowledge and skills required to recommend and serve customers alcoholic beverage in service outlets.

The content of the book has been structured to follow a logical progression from the understanding of beverage and classification of alcoholic beverages.

In alcoholic beverage, learn and understand the process and methodology of fermentation and distillation of beverage, ingredients and raw material and their uses for preparation of fermented and distilled spirit, equipments used for the process, and technical skills for products coming from specific region of the world and care of the beverages till consumption.

The book will classify all the fermented and distilled beverages, and list the various regional names and brands. It will provide intrinsic knowledge of mixology and making of cocktails from the various liquor. Art of beverage service, both fermented and distilled spirit, highlights the service techniques, glassware, equipment, the methodology and service temperature to enhance the experience of guest.


Section A – Fermented Alcoholic Beverages

1. Introduction to Alcoholic Beverages


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Dr. Deepa Prasad Venkatraman,

Ulhas Chaudhari


Himalaya pub