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Brand Management


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Though branding is an old phenomenon, it has become a very important subject in the area of Marketing Management for all the organizations since the globalization of the economy has taken place. This could be attributed to a number of choices available to consumers in a particular product category. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for the organizations to differentiate their products from the products of competitors. One of the ways to differentiate the products from other products is to brand it. The branding of the product by the organization guides customers to have a better choice for purchasing.

There are quite a few books already available on brand management, covering all the aspects of branding. However, we have attempted to write a book which is practical and easy to understand. We have made conscious efforts to give this book an Indian flavor.

In this book, different facets of the branding process have been dealt with in a unique manner so that it is possible to bring various components of branding together to finally form a base to develop, establish and maintain a brand.

Book Content of Brand Management
1. Introductory View of Brand Essentials
2. Brand Description
3. Brand Appraisal
4. Brand Articulation
5. Brand Equity
6. Brand Extension
7. Intricacies Involved in Brand Building
8. Success Factors in Brand Building

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Dr. Gulnar Sharma,

Prof. Karan Singh Khundia


Himalaya pub