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Business and Government


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This book “Business and Government”, which is the result of considerable amount of research and teaching experience, is the best-seller in India on the subject. The introduction of this work about three decades ago, when the literature on this subject was scanty and information sourcing was very difficult, filled a very critical gap, serving the needs of teachers and students of management and several other disciplines and others who were eager to know the government regulation and promotion of business in India. The book has been revised and modified frequently, capturing the changes in the government-business linkages in particular and the business environment in general.

This book, like the other works of this renowned author, is acclaimed for its critical approach, lucid and succinct treatment and logical presentation of the subject matter. Margin notes which highlight salient points is an attractive feature of this book.

Contents :

1. Business and Government − An Introduction
2. Business and Government in India
3. Industrial Policy
4. IDRA and Industrial Licensing
5. Public, Private, Joint and Cooperative Sectors
6. Privatisation and Disinvestment
7. Village, Small and Ancillary Industries
8. Industrial Sickness
9. Monetary and Fiscal Policies
10. Money and Capital Markets
11. Stock Exchange and Its Regulation
12. Industrial Finance
13. Industrial Financial Institutions
14. Indian Company Law
15. Patents and Trade Marks
16. Competition Policy and Law
17. Price and Distribution Controls`
18. Consumer Rights, Consumerism and Business
19. Labour Legislation
20. Labour Welfare and Social Security
21. Industrial Relations
22. Trade Unions
23. Workers` Participation in Management
24. Exit Policy
25. Planning in India
26. GATT/WTO and Global Liberalisation
27. Foreign Investment
28. Development and Regulation of Foreign Trade
29. Foreign Exchange Management Act
30. Corporate Social Responsibility and Triple Bottom Line


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Dr. Francis Cherunilam


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