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Business Communication – The Basics


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The present book “Business Communication − The Basics” is both a primer for the beginners as also a refresher for professionals, managers, students and teachers of the subject. The primary objective of this book is to deal with the rudimental but indispensable `must-know` ingradients of business communication in a lucid, simple, clear, concise, logical and systematic manner as also in a funny, enjoyable, interesting, lively and conversational style so much so that you will never feel bored to learn the apparently complex, seemingly ennuing, intelligibly uninteresting, principles of communication. This book will be of great interest and value to those who are already in a business or management position, and to those who simply like to learn `what, why and how` of business communication as also to those who are preparing for undergraduate, management, and professional examinations on the subject. To be more generic, this book is meant for you and also for everyone who aspires to better and boost their communication skills.

Book Content of Business Communication – The Basics
  1. Communication − Its Different Means & Their Roles
  2. Communication − Its Meanings & Definations
  3. Communication − Its Characteristics
  4. Communication − Its Elements
  5. Communication − Its Fundamentals
  6. Communication − Its Classifications
  7. Communication − Its Postulates or Attributes
  8. Communication − Its Levels
  9. Communication − Its Nature
  10. Communication − Its Scope & Needs
  11. Communication − Its Objectives
  12. Communication − Its Functions
  13. Communication − Its Purposes
  14. Communication − Its Importance & Significance
  15. Communication − Its Principles
  16. Communication − Its Myths & Realities & Also Limitations

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