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Business Economics-I


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The present book on Business Economics-I has been designed keeping the requirements of B.Com. students of various Universities in view. The present volume- Volume I, takes up the discussion of different topics of Microeconomics and Public Finance. Section I which is concerned with Microeconomics takes up the discussion on consumer behaviour, production function, cost analysis and product pricing under different market forms. Section II which is concerned with Public Finance discusses the principle of public finance and issues related to public revenue, public expenditure and public debt. The coverage of the topics is comphrehensive and exhaustive. The approach is direct and style lucid. Although the use of mathematics has been avoided yet the discussion has been carried out in a strictly logical framework. Conceived thus, the book should prove ot be of immense utility to the students of Business Economics.

Book Content of Business Economics-I
  1. Money – Nature and Supply
  2. The Demand for Money
  3. Value of Money and its Measurement
  4. The Quantity Theory of Money
  5. Interest – Concept and Theory
  6. Commercial Banking
  7. Principles of Sound Banking – Liquidity and Profitability
  8. Central Bank – Functions
  9. Monetary Policy and the Methods of Credit Control
  10. Trade Cycles – Meaning And Phases
  11. Inflation – Definition, Types and Causes
  12. Inflation : Effects and Control
  13. Deflation
  14. Theory of Employment and Income – The Classical Approach
  15. The Keynesian Theory of Income and Employment
  16. The Multiplier and Accelerator
  17. Classical Theory of International Trade
  18. General Equilibrium Theory of International Trade
  19. Terms of Trade and Gains from Trade
  20. Free Trade and Protection
  21. Protective Devices : Tariffs and Quotas
  22. Foreign Exchange Market and Rate of Exchange
  23. Fixed and Flexible Rates of Exchange
  24. Balance of Payments – Concept and Disequilibrium
  25. Method to Correct Disequilibrium in Balance of Payments

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