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Business Economics – V (Mumbai Univ)


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We are pleased to present the book on “Business Economics – V” at the T.Y.B.Com Semester – V, University of Mumbai with effect from the Academic Year 2018-19. This book is designated to enable the students to understand the subject with its deepness. The book will also cater to the needs of all those desiring to make a mark in the field of Business Economics.

The work in the present book is very simple presentation of the facts and figures based on knowledge and learning. In writing the book special care has been take to avoid gaps in the sequential arrangement of topics in the syllabus and logically developed various economic facts with the integrated approach by keeping in mind an interest of the students and readers.

This book is also useful for students appearing for the professional and competitive examinations. As a teacher of Business Economics author would like to give advice to the students that this subject should be studied carefully with the deep understanding of each and every sub chapter of the book.

The present book has strong capacity to understand the terminologies and concepts given in the syllabus with the latest data statistics. The book is written in a very simple and lucid manner to understand with simplicity. At the time of preparing of this book the author has taken various references from the renowned authors and publications to which the author is acknowledging his gratitude to all of them.


Contents –

1. Macro Economic Overview of India
2. Agriculture during Post-reform Period
3. The Industry and Service Sector during Post-reform Period
4. Banking and Financial Market


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Dr. Suravase Balaji Annasaheb,

Gaikar Vilas B.,

Manikandan Iyer


Himalaya pub