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Business Ethics


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Some people think that doing your duty without expecting any reward is Karma Yoga. But this is not the whole story. People’s lives are marred by tension, maliced hate and violance. The surrounding we feel bad. Trees also live in the same world next to us but there is a difference. Man is like a walking tree but full of confusion. He fails to follow the culture of the tree in his own life. Trees share our world as animals also do. For the man, this world has become a source of complaint, hate and stress. The same world has a different meaning for trees and animals. Here, ethics plays a major role for the man to console himself coming out of his misdeeds, and bad things. Whatever activity we do should not be against the morally accepted socio ethical code of conduct of a society, not deceiving people in business or in daily life, not appropriating any one else’s rights, not harming others. Whatever role we have chosen to play in life or which God has given to us should be performed more diligently without any laxity and with utmost care. Here, Business ethics plays a vital role in case of businesses conducted in this world. One should understand the subject thoroughly and the focus should be mainly on the present activity on hand and not on the fruits expected. A cricket player if he merely keeps one eye on the scoreboard lacking concentration, his game will be surely spoilt. This book on Business Ethics is to provide basic knowledge of business ethics and values and its relevance in modern context. The book has been written as per the syllabus of B.Com. Semester III of Bangalore University. I hope that the students will be benefitted from this book. This book would provide fundamental concepts to enable the students to understand this subject.

The book has been organised in 5 chapters with some suitable illustrations. The chapters/units covered are:
Unit 1: Business Ethics – Introduction
Unit 2: Personal Ethics
Unit 3: Ethics in Management
Unit 4: Role of Corporate Culture in Business
Unit 5: Corporate Governance


Contents –

1. Business Ethics

2. Personal Ethics

3. Ethics in Management

4. Role of Corporate Culture in Business

5. Corporate Governance

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