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We are glad to state that we are presenting the book on Business Law (Volume I). The book has been written with a good investment of effort by optimally utilizing the experience capital, so as to yield maximum results for the betterment of management students, commerce students, MBA students, Law students, CA students, CS students, ICWA students, business executives and public administrators.

The object of the book ‘BUSINESS LAW’ is to set out the basic principles of Business Law simply and clearly. An attempt has been made to present the concepts as briefly and concisely as possible without sacrificing essential features.

While going through the book, students will realize that we have also provided the reference of well-known cases with their judgements. We have added short question bank relevant with VEER NARMAD SOUTH GUJARAT UNIVERSITY for quick references of some of the vital topics asked in the final examination of T.Y.B.Com. We have also added the latest Actwise question bank which will assist students in their preparation for T.Y.B.Com., Sem-V relevant with VNSGU.


Contents –

UNIT I – Indian Contract Act, 1872 (General Contracts)
1. Contract – Meaning and Nature
2. Offer and Acceptance
3. Consideration
4. Capacity of Parties
5. Free Consent
6. Legality of Object
7. Void Agreements
UNIT II – Indian Contract Act, 1872 (General Contracts)
8. Performance of Contract
9. Discharge of Contract
10. Remedies for Breach of Contract
UNIT III – Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Special Contracts)
11. Indemnity and Guarantee
12. Bailment and Pledge
13. Contract of Agency
UNIT IV – The Consumer Protection Act, 1986
14. Definitions
15. Consumer Protection Councils
Unitwise Short Question Bank (Including University Questions)
Actwise University Question Bank (From 2010-2016)


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Bharat N. Basrani,

Chandresh B. Mehta


Himalaya pub