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Business Planning and Policy


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Business policy is relatively a new concept in the history of management literature. It monitors managerial behaviour in terms of decision-making throughout the organizational hierarchy. It specifies the manner in which a firm should deploy its resources, overcome competition, exploit opportunities and minimize threats. By providing a unified theme for all activities, it facilities management to optimize enterprise effectiveness.

In the present century, due to the unprecedented pace of S & T changes, business environment has become more hostile and uncertain than before. Consequently, organizations are finding it difficult to fulfill their mission. In such an environmental dilemma, the Darwinian maxim, the survival of the fittest will hold good too for the business organizations. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that not only survival but growth and development of business enterprise, too, is intimately linked with dynamism and pragmatism of its policies. This requires that the top brass of the organizations should be well-versed with this important tool of management.

Contents :

1. Business System
2. Business Planning
3. Business Policy − Conceptual Analysis
4. Business Policy Related Aspects
5. Objectives of Business
6. New Economic Policy
7. Major Macro Policies
8. Organisational Structural Issues
9. Behavioural Policies
10. Personal Policies
11. Marketing Policies
12. Production / Operations Policies
13. Finance Policies
14. Social Responsibilities of Business
15. Social Accounting and Social Audit
16. Business Ethics
17. Corporate Strategy: Functions and Importance
18. Strategic Decision Making
19. The Strategist
20. Environment Analysis
21. Analysis of Organisational Resources
22. Selection of Strategic Alternatives
23. Total Quality Management
24. Business Process Re-Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning
25. E-Commerce and Policy Implications
26. Multinational Corporations
27. Strategy Formulation
28. Strategic Implementation
29. Strategic Evaluation
30. Managing Strategic Change
31. Strategic Management in Non-Profit Organisations


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