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Business Research: International Scenario


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Research at large, means the pursuit of truth. The difference between physical sciences and social sciences, which management is a part of, is that in former, truth doesn’t have many versions. Whereas in letter truth is subjective. The very subjective nature of the discipline of management makes the pursuit of truth interesting and purposeful. In one area of study, viz., Corporate Strategy and Policy, some of the question one attempts answering are: Role of intellectual property on firm’s diversification strategy or how firms develop innovation competencies or how family owned business assess risk vis-a-vis professional run, among others. The whole premise of research is based upon learning from specific, non-random situation and generalizing the findings for broader application. It’s balance between rigor and relevance, and is achieved through conceptual understanding, empirical evidence and contextualization of findings. It’s an art, more than a science.

Doing Management Research in India has significant advantages and the limitations are not as significant. India is one of the most vibrant and diverse markets in the world and is also a burgeoning factor market (labor market). Many say that the next few decades are for his country. Having understood that most of the management research is ‘West-oriented’, it is imperative that it be contextualized to India and supplemented with Indian content. That’s a great opportunity for researchers. Further, unlike physical sciences, where one needs huge laboratory set-ups and funds for conducting researching research, management research is not that expensive. Here the labs are the various firms and institutions where phenomena are studied. So, doing management research in India is a low cost. High return bet.

Management research has been steadily gaining increased prominence as a ‘field of study’, could be due to more and more ‘career avenues’ emerging not only in the steadily increasing management institutions but also in the ever-growing corporate sectors, year, in the country. Today management research students in India identify and pursue research in diverse issues covering not just the four functional areas of finance, human resource, marketing, production and system. And economic but allied as well as emerging areas such as and environment, intellectual property and policy issues.

These research activities would not only provide solution to the growing management challenges in the competitive environment confronted by corporate leaders as well as policymakers but also expand the frontiers of management-related knowledge in the Indian context. More significantly, it would give the ‘much needed’ upward thrust to the quality of management education and training in the country.

It is to identify, address and deliberate upon the core management research issues in the country that the Eximius Management Group, USA in association with Sunrise University, Alwar (Rajasthan) have organized this International Management research students from diverse institutions across the country.


Contents :

1. Changing Scenario of Consumer Buying Behavior and the Effect of FDI in Indian Retail Industry – Abhishek B. Laha
2. Behavioral Investment Strategies – Babita Bhatia and Jayshree V. Daoo
3. Purchasing Behavior and Value: A Cross-cultural – Dr. Beverlee and Dr. R. K. Srivastava
4. E-Commerce and its Implication in Growth of Online Retailing: A Study in Metros of Maharashtra – Mrs. Amina Momin, Ms Sushma Nichani and Ms Alpha Lokhande
5. Powar Sector-Current Status and Future Implication – Mrs. Amina Momin, Ms Sushma Nichani and Ms Alpha Lokhande

6. Buying Decision of Men’s Shirt: Single Brand Showroom vs Multi Brand Retail Outlets Perspective: A study In Mumbai – Anurag Shrivastava and Prof. Dr. Pradip Manjrekar
7. Perception and Marketing Strategy of Vicks Vaporub: A Study In Navi Mumabi – Himanshu Raval and Prof. Dr. Pradio Manjrekar
8. An Assessment of Growth and performance of Indian Asset Management Industry and Its Impact on Consumer Value For the Period 2006-2012 – K. Joseph Thomas and Gargi Bhattacharjee
9. The Impact of Change in Consumer’s Traditional Monthly Purchase Pattern Due to Emerging Organized Retail Over Conventional Retail (Kirana)in Mumbai. – Mrityunjay Kumar and Prof. Rajan Ravi
10. Emotional Competence of Salespeople in Organized Retail: A Study in Mumbai – N.S. Kazi and Mustafa Sapatwala
11. Customer Acceptance of Interest Shopping in Mumbai: Impact on Consumer Shopping, Knowledge and Security: A study w.r.t. Chembur – Parikshit Thakare, and Prof. Dr. Pradip Manjrekar
12. Impact of Organized Retail on Unorganized Retail: A study in central Mumbai – Poonam P. Thakare, Iftikar Mistry, Vikas Jadhav and Prof. Dr. pradip Manjrekar
13. Challenges Before Management Education – Dr. Shriniwas V. Joshi
14. Study of Training Programs through Tangible and Intangible Factors to Measuring Employees Performances with Reference to petroleum Sector in Maharashtra – S. K. Verma
15. Farmers Attitute towards Post-harvest Issue of Agriculture Produce: A Study in Bihar – Suman Saurabh, and Prof. Dr. Pradip Manjarekar
16. CRM in Realty Business : Sustainable Competitive Advantage In Economic Crisis – Vidya Kshirsagar
17. Consumer buying Behavior of Consumer Durables: A Study in Malls of Kharghar – Vishal D. Chavan, Kiran Khairnar and Dr. Pradip Manjrekar
18. Financial Restructuring at Air India – Hema Dhaware
19. Business Ethics in Indian Perspective – Ms Shubhangi M. Kedare
20. Diabetes Management: The Role of Ayurvedic – Pranali P. Panchal and Dr. Jayshree V. Daoo
21. e-Commerec Industry in India – An Overview – S. Surekha
22. Marketing Strategies of Cadbury India Ltd. – Mrs. S. S. Pathak, Ms Rinki Singh and Shashikant Bombe
23. Women as Technological Entrepreneurs in Microfinance World – Dr. Sumathi Gopal and Maya Gopal
24. Development of Dairy Cooperative and its Impact on Milk Production and Household Income: A Study on Govind Milk and Milk Products Pvt., Ltd., Phaltan. Distric-Satara – Mrs. Manisha Chandrakant Landge
25. Brand equity – A Showcase of Trust : An Analysis of India’s Leading Mobile Phone – Nokia K. Prasuna
26. Impact of job Enrichment on Employess’ Job Satisfaction and Commitment: A Study of ASA Infosys. Sanpada, Navi Mumbai – Poonam Rajesh Rokade
27. Rural Marketing Challenges in the New Millennium – Rohit Joisar
28. Attrition in BPO and its Financial Implications: A Study on Effect of Attrition Over financial Performance of the BPO – Mrs. Supriya Kala
29. Comparative Analysis Between Organized and Non-organized Retailing Sector – Ashish Khurana
30. Customer Perception in Organized Retail Sector – Dr. Nandani Sharma
31. The Effects of New Economic Policy on Employment in India – Gurpreet Singh Matharou. Dr. Simran Kaur and Dr. Pramod Gupta
32. Human Resource Development Practices in Phaema Industry: A Study in Rajasthan – Vasudha Mishra


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