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College Physics (F.Y.B.Sc. Paper-II)


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This book is focuses on the important basic issues about Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour within the context of academic field of studies and actual business environment. It provides adequate opportunities for the future managers to understand how to make a perfect combination between HRM and OB in the contemporary Organizational Management to handle various types of situations effectively. Features:

  • Entire topics have been presented in simple language, with proper illustrations and examples to enable easy understanding.
  • Cases provided at the end of each chapter are relevant to topic discussed; allow having the complete awareness of concepts and theories.
  • Emphasis on recent concepts of HRM and OB provides the conceptual knowledge of the subject to promote a base for development of skills.
  • Special features of this book are that it covers the UGC curriculum for the post-graduate Commerce, i.e., the management concepts and organizational behavior for the course of “Master of Finance and Control”, and also the syllabus for Principles of Business Management for “Commerce graduates”.


Book Content of College Physics (F.Y.B.Sc. Paper-II)
1. Management Principles and Process
2. Schools of Management Though
3. Functions of Management
4. Departmentation
5. Human Resource Management (HRM)
6. Decision-making, Management Strategies and Management Objectives (MBO)
7. Motivation
8. Leadership
9. Organisational Behaviour
10. Group Dynamics and Team Development
11. Organisational Conflict
12. Interpersonnel and Organisational Communication
13. Organisational Development


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Ajit Naik,

Dr. M.R. Nair,

J.B. Karnik,

Jivan Seshan


Himalaya pub