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College Zoology Volume-I


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The aim of this book “College Zoology” (Volume I) is to present the ambit of syllabi in a lucid way for the benefit of students. Each topic has been given equal emphasis, so that the purview of each chapter is covered in wide horizon. This text book has been designed primarily for Degree course students. The author expect`s, every student can easily comphered the matter. The volume includes non chordates (functional anatomy), cell biology, genetics, molecular biology and developmental biology, genetics, molecular biology and developmental biology containing twenty six chapters. The entire book has been divided into three segments: Functional Anatomy (chapters 1 to 8), Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology (chapters 9 to 18) and Developmental Biology (chapters 19 to 26). At the end of each chapter, a set of “Things to remember” is being provided which briskly recapitulates, the whole chapter. Besides, students can assess themselves by answering the set of “Questionnaire” given at the length of each chapter.


Contents :

1. Classification
2. Locomotion in Some Invertebrate Animals
3. Feeding and Digestion
4. Respiration
5. Excretion
6. Circulation
7. Neural Integration
8. Reproduction and Life Cycle
9. Ultra Structure and Function of Plasma Membrane, GERL System, Lysosome, Ribosome
10. Chromosome Structure: Nucleosome Model
11. Cell Cycle and Cancer
12. Physio-chemical Properties, Types, Structures and Functions of DNA and RNA. Nucleic Acids as Genetic Material
13. Mechanism of Replication. Transcription and Translation in E. coli
14. Mode of Inheritance of Autosomal and Sex-linked Genes in Human (Thalassemia, Haemophilia and Colourblindness)
15. Linkage and Recombination
16. Chromosomal Aberrations in Number and Structures, Point Mutation, Down Syndrome and Klinefelter Syndrome
17. Sex Determination in Drosophila and Man
18. Basic Concept of Genetic Engineering, Gene Cloning and Gene Manipulation
19. Developmental Biology Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
20. Fertilization in Sea-urchin
21. Cleavage
22. Fate Map and Gastrulation
23. Extra Embryonic Membranes or Foetal Membranes in Chick
24. Placenta and Placentation in Mammals
25. Organizer Concept
26. Concept of Protostomia and Deuterostomia with Reference to Metazoan Origin


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