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Computer Application in Business Accounting


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Computer Application in Business Accounting refers to the application of different tools and techniques of information technology in the day-to-day business activities. In present scenario, every business activities are stored and processed by computers. Activities like online shopping, e-procurement, e-banking, net banking, SMS alert, are carried down by the use of information technology. While using computer as an important tool of business organization, it is very much important for all internal stakeholders to understand the computer architecture and various tools related applied for the benefit and development of business activities. The commerce students are the budding entrepreneurs of the future.

The present book attempts to cover the application of computer in different functional units of the business organization. The techniques applied in financial accounting, inventory management, audit process, remote access, tax computation, tax filing, payroll system, etc. We have tried to the best of our effort to include application of computer in other areas like computer network, resource sharing, protecting IT infrastructure, making online payments, etc. The major part of this book focuses on the application of Tally.ERP9 (computerized accounting) and its different technologies in business.

The book is structured broadly in two parts, i.e., first part is regarding computer architecture and its application in business and e-commerce. The second part is computerized accounting package and its outcome.


Contents –

1. Familiarizing with Personal Computer, Computer Architecture, Components
2. Computer Networks, WWW, E-commerce, Computer Virus, ERP, DBMS, Cybercrime
3. Computerized Accounting and Tally.ERP 9
4. Feature and Configuration, Accounts and Inventory System, Vouching, Import and Export
5. Inventory and Pure Inventory Vouchers, Invoice Print, VAT and CST Transactions, Inventory Management Techniques
6. TDS, Banking, Tally Audit, Statutory Return, e-Return, Remote Access, Accounting and Inventory Reports, Statutory Reports, Security Control, Data Split, Printing Utility


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Dr. Sanjay Kumar Satapathy,

Rasananda Mohanty


Himalaya pub