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Contours of Retailing Management


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Indian retailing reminded one of the sweat shops run by half-educated gentlemen and ladies on meagre finance mostly raised by pawing one`s family silver or borrowing at exorbitant rates and supplemented by own savings. Goods piled and stacked up haphazardly littered these pigeonholes. The customers were separated from the goods by counter and battalion of salespeople. The whole scene has changed dramatically in the last 10-15 years. We have world-class malls housing swanky stores. The stores are run by highly educated entrepreneurs and well organised corporates.

The salespersons are suave, educated, and serve us with warmth. We have a wide assortment of merchandise to choose from. We can pay by cash, credit card or debit card. There are sales promotions schemes like Sabse Sasta Din announced by Big Bazar on the Republic Day. 2006 which brought almost 25-30 thousand customers to its doors. Though traditional stores exists, they too are undergoing qualitative changes for the better.

Retailing is the most happening area these days. Between the Covers of this book, the author has packed the contours of modern retailing.

Book Content of Contours of Retailing Management
  1. Introduction to Retailing
  2. Retail Organization
  3. Retail Theories and Formats
  4. Retail Planning
  5. Store Location
  6. Store Design and Layout
  7. Supply Chain Management(SCM)
  8. Customer Services
  9. Pricing of Merchandise
  10. Advertising and Promotion
  11. Human Resources in planning
  12. Retailing Accounting
  13. Understanding Consumer Behaviour
  14. IT in Retailing
  15. Brand Management in Retailing
  16. Distribution and Retailing
  17. Operating a Retail Business
  18. International Retailing



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