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Copywriting (Mumbai Uni)


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It gives me immense pleasure to present the “Copywriting” book to the teachers and students of Bachelors of Mass Media, Third Year, Fifth Semester. This book meticulously follows the revised syllabus pattern of Mumbai University which has been proposed in the current academic year, i.e., June 2016.

An ongoing goal of this book has been to provide students with plenty of copywriting practice which will help in enhancing their writing skills, discover novel ideas, use their imagination and explore their curiosities.

First few modules give clear idea about the basics of copywriting, creative thinking, idea generation and transcreativity. The concepts are elaborated with an example and have been kept livelier by sharing the stories of successful campaigns worldwide. This will help students to get more practical knowledge and develop their skills of creative imagination.

The next modules are very interesting which speaks about how to write a copy for various mediums and audiences, appeals and execution styles, and most importantly the briefs which will help students to know the appropriate format and will maintain the authenticity and uniformity of the content / copy / material. It also includes the essential facts and rules of copywriting.

This approach combines the information of textbook with practicality of a workbook which arise the interest of students as well as of teachers.


Contents –

Chapter 1: Introduction to Copywriting
Chapter 2: Creative Thinking
Chapter 3: Idea Generation Techniques
Chapter 4: Transcreativity
Chapter 5: Briefs
Chapter 6: Persuasive Copy
Chapter 7: Writing Copy for Various Media
Chapter 8: Writing Copy for Various Audience
Chapter 9: How to Write Copy for
Chapter 10: Various Types of Appeals and Execution Style
Chapter 11: The Techniques Evaluation of an Ad Campaign


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