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Dictionary of Soil and Solid Waste Pollution


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This dictionary has been carefully compiled and ed itied to include terms on major types of noise pollution and its adverse effects on man and environment. This dictionary provides speedy means of reference to easily interpretable definitions of the terms most commonly used with noise pollution and its control.

This dictionary is quite useful which is evident from its comprehensiveness and contextual relevance of explanations with illustrations and chemical formulae wherever necessary.

An attempt has been made to write the entries in a clear and lucid style to provide both straight definitions and invaluable background information. Line diagrams have been included whenever the meaning of a word can be best understood by means of a diagram. The network of cross-references has been maintained throughout this dictionary.

This dictionary will be proved useful for the architect, building designer, health officers, consulting engineer and students of environmental science. This book will also be useful for public health authorities and industrial organisations. This dictionary will also be of value to students of biology and to naturalists, geographers and others studying or working in related fields.


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Dr. G.R. Chatwal


Himalaya pub