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Digital Electronics (Tumkur Univ)


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The field of digital electronics has seen tremendous and rapid advances in recent years.

Digital electronics deals with the designing of digital circuits. Digital circuits form the backbone of communication systems, recording devices and many more. Digital electronics is a fast expanding field with scope for significant development.

This book discusses the basics of designing circuits and the functioning of intricate components of a digital circuit. It presents the fundamental concepts and serves as an excellent guide for an introductory course on digital electronics.

This book presents fundamentals to advanced concepts of electronics at a level appropriate for this course and is intended to help students keep pace with these rapid developments, while preparing for their examinations.

It covers topic such as network theorems and AC fundamentals, Semiconductor Devices, Helf wave rectifier, Bridge wave rectifier, Logic families, Number Systems, Binary code, Boolean algebra, Logic Gates, Half Adder, Full Adder, Half Subtractor, Full Subtractor, Sequential Circuits, Registers.

All concepts and principles are presented in a lucid, logical step-by-step manner that is clearer and easier to understand. The topics in this text are covered in the same clear, straightforward and well-illustrated format. A large number of worked examples and diagrams enhance the understanding of the concepts and principles.


Contents –

Unit 1 – Introduction
Unit 2 – Number Systems and Binary Codes
Unit 3 – Boolean Algebra
Unit 4 – Logic Gates and Combinational Logic Circuits
Unit 5 – Sequential Logic Circuits


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Darshan C.,

R. Sreenivas Rao


Himalaya pub