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The valuable presentation elaborately renders an insight into the matters relating to (1) e-business, (2) e-education, and (3) e-Learning, the usage of which is rapidly rising in the development of economy the world over.

The topics covered in the main inter alia are : status of e-Business in India and its future; Conceptual evaluation, Future prospects of e-Learning, Impact of e-Commerce, emergence and usage of e-Banking, and the like in good and great detail-how these innovative approaches are going to give the economy a new good shape and hope for a better and better India, when put into practice.

Contents :

1. The Status of e-Business in India and its Future
– Abhijit R. Gajghate and Dr. Swapnil Khorgade
2. Business to Business and Business to Consumer e-Commerce Models makes the Way for Agri-e-Business
– Sandeep N. Lepse
3. e-Business a Conceptual Evaluation
– Mr. Akhilesh Manekar
4. Future Prospects of e-Learning with Respect to Training and Development
– Prof. Ashwini N. Tondre and Prof. K.P. Patil
5. e-Commerce: Impact on Women Entrepreneurs in Small-scale Industries
– Prof. Chetana H. Thakare and Mr. Sachin T. Shingane
6. e-Business
– Dr. (Mrs.) Pratibha M. Siriya
7. e-Learning Effectiveness and Outcomes
– Dr. Atul B. Tekade
8. The Current Status of e-Learning in India and Strategies to Enhance e-Learning
– Prof. Kumar Dhanwani
9. Virtual Learning: A (e) Learning Style
– Dr. T. Kalyani, Mrs. V. Kawadkar and Dr. B. Khapekar
10. e-Commerce in India-A Business Review
– Mr. Hardik Jogi
11. e-Banking: Emerging Trends in Banking Business
– Kanchan Dewal
12. The Future Schools of India in Knowledge Economy
– Dr. Kiran Nerkar
13. Reputation Management for e-Commerce Business: A Positive Reputation is a Crucial Long-term Asset for e-Commerce Success
– Ms. Komal Kashyap
14. Emerging Trends in e-Commerce
– Dr. Pravin T. Bagde, Prof. Mahesh S. Joshi, Prof. Mrs. Laxmi P. Bagde
15. e-Banking: A Roadmap in the Development of Banking Sector and SMEs
– Manoj Kumar Rao
16. A Study of Implication of Information Technology on Indian Banking Sector
– Prof. Neha N. Dixit and Prof. Priyanka S. Kaskar
17. e-Learning in Higher Education − Challenges and it`s Future
– Prof. Parvez Khan
18. History of e-Learning in India and it`s Impact on Gen Next
– Pranay Wankhede
19. Evaluation of e-Learning Education in India: A Critical Review
– Dr. Bharat Meghe, Dr. Pravin V. Bhise and Dr. Anand Muley
20. A Coalesce Study of Customer Relationship Management with Data Mining and e-Business Strategy
– Mr. Vinod Wanjari
21. The Impact of e-Business on the Indian Banking Sector
– Dr. Prafulla W. Sudame and Prof. Nitin Shrigirwar
22. To Study the Benefits of e-Education on Society
– Miss. Priti K. Mendhule
23. Education through Multimedia: The Revolutionary Approach
– Prof. Priyanka S. Kaskar and Prof. Neha N. Dixit
24.e-Commerce in India: Issues and Challenges
– Rahul K. Kapale
25. e-Tailing: A New Face of India`s Retail Revolution
– Dr. Shabbir Zakerya, Prof. Minal Ahir and Prof. Chaitanya A. Sakhare
26. Impact of Non Banking Financial Services on e-Banking
– Prof. Shweta Gupta
27. CRM: Emerging Issues and Strategies in e-Business at Present
– Dr. S.R. Chavan and Dr. Usha Daigavane
28. Multimedia Learning: An e-Learning Platform for English Language Acquisition
– Prof. Mrs. Shraddha A. Deshpande
29. Self Study as an Integrated Methodologies
– Dr. Kailas S. Kadu
30. e-Commerce Times
– Dr. Shyam Shukla, Dr. Yogita Sure and Dr. Chandni Sabnani
31. Role of Social Networking to Create Awareness about Adult Vaccination
– Dr. Dipak Y. Chacharkar and Prof. Ashish A. Bawankar
32. Value Chain Innovation as a Potential Issue in e-Commerce
– Prof. Amardip D. Kurukwar
33. e-Learning: How Indispensable for Future?
– Mr. Sushil S. Girhe
34. e-Marketing: The Changing Buying and Selling Medium
– Prof. Sujata Randhir, Prof. Anita Randhir and Prof. Suhasinee Randhir
35. e-HRM-A New Prospect of e-Technology
– Prof. Shikha Deshpande
36. Doing Electronic Business in the Information Age and e-Commerce growing as B2B and B2C
– Prof. Pragati Richa
37. Future Prospects of e-Commerce in India
– Prof. Amar Satijani
38. Facebook: The Future of Networking with Customers-A Review
– Mr. Sunil M. Ikharkar and Dr. Ajit A. Shringarpure
39. Future Prospects of e-Learning with Respect to Training and Development
– Prof. Roshan A. Kakde
40. Online Shopping-The New Age Mantra for the Smart Generation
– Dr. Sarita Rajesh Karangutkar
41. e-Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities in Rural MarketvProf. Manoj Pandey
42. Social Benefits of e-Learning
– Dr. Nidhi Pandey
43. The Future of e-Learning in India
– Prof. Maanish Chava
44. e-Learning
– Prof. B. K. Dhongde
45. Analysis of e-Commerce in India- Trend and Statistics
– Chetana Soni
46. e-Learning: What Does It Mean, It`s Advantages and Disadvantages with Future Scope
– Prof. Inderjeet Kaur Kalsi
47. e-Learning: Media and Technology Strategies for Learning
– Dr. Bhavsar Anil Champalal
48. e-Learning: The Technical Approach in Learning
– Sharma Vijaykumar Ramchandra


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