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In these days of ‘dot com’, ‘e−’, global business is the order of the day through websites and domain names. From Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to e−commerce, a revolutionary change has been seen. EDI is now outdated. The growth of the Internet has created the potential vision of e−commerce. There is nothing new in this term, only a new medium and dimension, a sub−set of e−business. It is only a form of traditional business using electronic means. Recently, there has been a substantial hype created with the emergence of e−commerce, the cutting edge technology of business, a new paradigm, a buzzword in business communication.

E−commerce is to be, viewed as business but not as a technology issue. It is still a commerce and still about human beings. Customers are still customers and business merchants want people at their end.

The book has covered basics, types of e−commerce, intranet, extranet, e−banking, websites, security, internet, EDI and business communication. In this book, the author has attempted to discuss both the theory and practical aspects of e−commerce and e−business. This book is produced in a very non−technical manner for the sake of clarity and simplicity of the concept.

Contents :

1. Fundamentals of E−Commerce
2. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
3. E−Commerce Over The Internet
4. E−Commerce Websites
5. E−Commerce Process and Payment Solutions
6. E−online Banking
7. E−commerce Security
8. E−business Communication


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Dr. C.S. Rayudu


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