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Economic Analysis for Business Decisions


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This book has been written with the objective of providing a comprehensive and standard texts for the postgraduate students of economics by making the concepts very simple and lucid. This textbook like many others have been written under the conviction that it is possible to improve upon the textbooks that are already in hand. This book covers the entire syllabus of Economic Analysis for Business Decisions of University of Pune and of Managerial Economics at RTM Nagpur University. Besides, this book is based on UGC curriculum for postgraduate students of management. For the sake of simplicity, the book has been divided into two parts. Part I covers the concept of microeconomics and Part II introduces macroeconomics issues, basic concepts etc.

Contents :

Part I
1. Introduction to Managerial Economics
2. Theory of Consumer Behaviour and Utility Analysis of Demand
3. Theory of Demand
4. Theory of Production
5. Theory of Supply
6. Costs of Production
7. Revenue and Break-even Analysis
8. Risk Analysis and Capital Budgeting
9. Market Structures: Price and Output Determination
Part II
10. Introduction to Macroeconomics
11. Circular Flow of Income
12. Macroeconomics Aggregates and Measurement of National Income
13. Aggregate Demand, Supply and Related Concepts
14. Determination of Equilibrium Level of Income and Output
15. Demand and Supply of Money and Money Market Equilibrium
16. The IS-LM Curve Model: Blend of Monetary and Real Factors
17. Central Bank and the Monetary Policy
18. Price Stability
19. Tools of Economic Stabilization: Public Finance (Fiscal Policy)
20. Business Cycle
21. Money and Capital Market in India
22. Balance of Payment
23. Foreign Exchange Rate and Determination
24. International Institutions
Case Studies
Multiple Choice Questions


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Dr. Bharat Meghe,

Dr. Vidya Nakhate,

Prof. Dhirendra Kumar


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