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Economic For Business


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The title provided case studies to practices and analyze the business situation and apply economic laws wherever possible. Every chapter has been updated as per the needs. The shortcomings of the first edition have been looked into. We hope that the students community will well receive this title.


Contents :

Chapter 1 : Economics for Business
Chapter 2 : Economic and Econometric Models
Chapter 3 : The Theory of Consumer Behavior
Chapter 4: Demand Analysis
Chapter 5 : Demand Forecasting
Chapter 6: Revenue Analysis and linear Programming
Chapter 7 : Production Analysis
Chapter 8: Cost Analysis
Chapter 9 : Market Structure
Chapter 10: Equilibrium of a Firm Under Perfect Competition
Chapter 11: Pricing Under Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
Chapter 12 : Pricing Under oligopoly
Chapter 13: Neoclassical Theory of Firm
Chapter 14: Pricing Theories – Various Models
Chapter 15: Managerial Theories of a Fipm
Chapter 16: Pricing Methods, Policies and Practices
Chapter 17: Circular Flow of Income
Chapter 18: National Income Analysis
Chapter 19: Macro Economic Policies and Balance of Payments
Chapter 20: Inflation
Chapter 21: Unemployment
Chapter 22: Consumption Function
Chapter 23: Rational Expectations
Chapter 24: Supply Side Economics
Chapter 25: Indian Economy – Planning Era
Chapter 26: Characteristics of Indian Economy
Chapter 27: Development of Indian Economy (Sector Wise Analysis)
Highlights of Developmental Activities of Indian Economy
Review of Recent Developments in Indian Economy
Recent Policies of Government of India
Case Studies
Bibliography and References
Objective Questions


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Dr. P.N. Reddy,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah,

Prof. S. Shanthi


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