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Economic History of India


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It gives the authors great pleasure that since the publication of the First Edition of our Economic History of India in July 1980, the Second edition of the book was published in September 1983 and there were three Reprints of the book in May 1987, January 1989 and July 1990.

This shows that the student community and the teaching faculty have found our book useful.

In the Third edition care has been taken to give effect to some of the useful suggestions made by the students and teachers of the subject. Also some minor literary and statistical data have been corrected.


1. Establishment of the British Rule in India
2. The State of the Indian Economy Prior to the British Rule
3. Early Impact of the British Rule on The Indian Economy
4. Land Tenure and Land Revenue
5. Agriculture – A Survey
6. Agricultural Policy
7. Commercialisation of Indian Agriculture
8. Irrigation
9. Famines and Famine Administration
10. Rise of Modern Indian Industries: A General Survey
11. Evolution of the Industrial Policy
12. Foreign Trade of India
13. Transport and Communication in India
14. Income and Poverty: Economic Case against the British Rule
15. Theory of The Drain
16. Effects of World War I (1914-1918) on the Indian Economy
17. Demographic Trends
18. Agricultural Policy (1919-1951)
19. Co-operative Movement
20. Rise of Modern Industries
21. India’s Trade and Tariff Policy
22. Foreign Capital
23. Trade Union Movement
24. Labour Legislation
25. Social Security
26. Industrial Relations, Industrial Disputes and their Settlement
27. History of Indian Currency and Foreign Exchange
28. Banking in India
29. The World Depression (1929-1933) and the Indian Economy
30. History of Price Movements in India
31. Public Finance
32. World War II and the Indian Economy
33. Economic Consequences of the Partition (1947)
34. Early Thoughts on Economic Planning in India




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Dr. Mrs. Nirmal Bhalerao,

S.S.M. Desai


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