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Economy @ 75: Roadmap for India at 100


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It is with immense pleasure we bring into the hands of the readers, the collection of Research Articles on “ECONOMY @ 75: ROADMAP FOR INDIA AT 100”.

Needless to say, it takes a lot of dedication and hardwork to investigate and prepare the research papers that adds to the existing knowledge base in their respective field of expertise.


Contents –

1. A Study on Seventy-five Years of India’s Economic Development and Way Forward in Amrit Kaal
Dr. S.R. Keshava
2. Indian Economy @75 Achievements, Challenges and Prospects
Ms. Shalini Pujari
3. Revival of Old Pension Scheme is a Recipe for Economic Nightmare
Dr. Suma Singhj
4. The ReinsuranceMarket in India – Prospects and Challenges
Dr. AnjanaMani
5. Layoffs by the Great Indian Unicorns – Facts and Impact
Dr. Shanthi S.
6. Viewing Films Through the Lens of Economics – Narrative of Select TamilMovies
Dr. Vijaya Priya S.
7. Indian Highways – A Pathway to Economic Prosperity
Dr. Kavya Shree K.
8. Populist Policies and Plethora of Problems – A Peek into 75 Years of India’s Fiscal Performance
Ms. Sunanda B.V.
9. South AsianMarginalised Women under theWrath of Climate Change – A Brief Report
Tania Sengupta
10. Drone Application in Agricultural Crop Health Management
Dr. Roopa Adarsh
11. Exploring NITI Aayog Indices: Measurement and Analysis of Development and Progress
Ms. Shweta Sharma and Dr. Shilpa Sharma
12. An Analysis of Secondary and Senior Secondary Educational Structure in India
Dr. Lakshmi. C.J.
13. Socio-economic and Demographic Determinants of Women Empowerment in India
Dr. Rajesh Chandra and Dr.Meenakshi Kumari
14. Vocational Education and Training in India: An Assessment of PMKVY
Dr.Meenakshi Kumari and Dr. Rajesh Chandra
15. A Glimpses of Responsible Business in India
Ms. Nachammai L.
16. In Search of a Path to Eradicate Hunger andMalnutrition
Dr. Gummadi Sridevi and Dr. Amalendu Jyotishi
17. Measurement of Output Efficiency and its Determinants in Case of Indian Fertilizers Firm – A Panel StochasticModel
Dr. Soumita Khan
18. Factors Influencing the Adoption of Low Carbon Technologies in Select Industries of Karnataka
Dr. Kaumudi Misra
19. Study on Performance of Distribution Channels in Life and Health InsuranceMarkets of India
Ms. Nagalakshmi Bolangdy


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