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Electronic Devices and Circuits (AP Univ)


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This text, Electronic Devices and Circuits is primarily written according to the syllabus of B.Sc. Electronics II- semester for all Universities of Andhra Pradesh (as per CBCS scheme). The subject matter has been woven in such a systematic manner that the students/readers may easily understand the basic concepts of the Electronic Circuits The problems discussed in the book will help in designing the Electronic circuits.

To check the knowledge and understanding of the subject, a large number of concept type of exercises have been placed at the end of each chapter. A large number of question of the types-true/false, fill in the blanks, multi choice, short answer are given at the end of each chapter. The problem and long answer type of question based on the subject discussed in the chapter are also given for practice purposes at the end of the respective chapter.

The whole matter has been divided in seven chapter. The first chapter deals with the Introduction to Semiconductors, where the intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, Fermi levels are given special attention. The second chapter contains the theory and function of p-n junction its biasing, p-n junction diode, its characteristics, Zener and avalanche, Zener diode, voltage regulations, microwave semiconductor diodes – varactor and tunnel diodes.

The fourth chapter treats the transistor biasing and transistor amplifiers. The various topics such as load line, bias stabilization, methods of biasing common emitter amplifiers, frequency response of RC- coupled emitter amplifiers, BJT as a sswitch are given a proper place. The fifth chapter deals with the Field Effect Transistors (FETs and MOSFETs) their characteristics and uses as amplifier. Uni-junction Transistors and their use as a relaxation oscillator are also discussed in detail in this chapter.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Semiconductors
2. Junction Diodes
3. Bipolar Junction Transistors
4. Biasing of Bipolar Junction Transistors
5. Field Effect Transistors and UJT
6. Photo Electric Devices
7. Power Supplies


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