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Employee First, Customer Next


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This wonderful presentation is a compendium of 3 sections comprising of: A − of Lead Articles; B − of Research Papers; and C − of Human Resource Management − all covered in a volume of 417 pages in which the authors have put in their expertise and efforts is treasure Whatsoever said of this Treasure Chest, by way of introduction, nothing shall equal a cursory glance at the contents that bespeak for themselves, which albeit may not be all though so very new, yet be jove all engrossing, engrossing and enlightening.

Contents :

Section A : Lead Articiles
1. Employee Involvement and Corporate Governance − How They are Related
− Kiran Gandhi
2. Recruitment Practices and Talent Search − How to Build Human Capital
− Atul Shirgaonkar
3. Making Leaders of Tomorrow
− Prof C.C. Dixit
4. Employee First and Customer Next
− Giyeesh Y. M., Dr. Anilkumay G. Garag
5. Empowerment which Lead to − “Chairman`s Award for Excellence in Corporate Citizenship”
− Ashok Deshpande
Section B : Research Papers
Part 1: Employee Empowerment

6. Designing a High Performance Empowered Employee First Strategies: Understanding the Customer Perspective
− Dr. M.M. Bagali
7. Practicing “Employee Empowerment” − Current Issue Addressed by Companies
− Prof Satish C. Sharma, Vikas Kumar Kumawat
8. `Triple Bottom Line Management` Training for Transformation of Internal Customers: A Step Towards `Employee Empowerment`!
− Prof. Veena R. Kale
9. `STEP` − A Step towards Women Empowerment
− Dr. S.O. Halasagi, Prof Padmaja M. Shankargouda
Part 2: Talent Management

10. Employer Branding: An Effective Tool for Talent Retention
− Dr. Sharad R. Kulkarni
11. Succession Planning − Strategy for Talent Retention
− Prof Dr. Ganbote Avinash, J. Sanyukta D. Gaikwad
12. Talent Management: Today`s Challenges, Tomorrow`s Opportunities
− Prof Anzalna Malik, Prof. Push pa S. Hongal
13. Talent Management
− Prof Paramela Shankar Jogadande
14. Solving Talent Management Issues Related to Gen Y in the EFCS Backdrop
− Vijay G. Padaguri
Part 3: Work-life Balance

15. Work-life Balance
− Mr. Ramesh Hiragappanavar
16. Work-life Balance − Challenge for Today`s Women Professionals
− Arati K. Nalcshatri
17. Work-family Conflict in India
− Rajani Suresh, Sneha S. Kairanna
18. Planned Interventions by Organizations for Employee Work-life Balance and Perceptions of Employees − An Exploratory Research in Select Organizations in Goa
− Sonya Kapil Angle
Part 4: Knowledge Management

19. Knowledge Management: A Conceptual Framework
− Dr. S.C. Patil, Chetan Hiremath
20. Knowledge Management: Its Application to Business Organizations
− Bharat B. Alasandi
Part 5: Atrition Management

21. Attrition and Retention
− Miss. Deepali Sambhajirao Kadam
22. Attrition Management: A Case Study Approach of Gokul Scribe Belgaurn
− Veena Angadi
23. Causes of Attrition and Retention Practices: A Case Study of HDFC Bank
− Prof Suchitra Hooli
Part 6: Employee Engagement

24. Employee Engagement with Reference to Automobile Industries in Pune City
− Prof. Anand Apte, Prof Ashok Kurt koti
25. Employee Engagement
− Sotonya R.S.
26. Building Positive Relationship through Employee Engagement Approach to Enhance Organizational Energy
− Vijayachandra Reddy S., Chidanancl Patti, Shivaszvamy G.P
27. A Study on Customer Service and Employee Engagement in The Indian Healthcare Industry
− Dr. S.G. Hundekar, Dr. B. Rose Kavitha
28. Employee Engagement in Hospitality Industry: A Case Study of Hotel Niyaaz, Belgaum
− Dr. Arifur Rehman H. Shaikh, Mr. Rajesh Muchandikar
29. Employee Engagement: A Workplace Spirituality Perspective
− Dr. Rajencira M. Inamdar, Shri Subhash Yadav
30. Employee Engagement: What is it?
− Prof Prashant U. Gujanal
Part 7: Training & Development

31. Training and Development Practices in Commercial Banks: A Case Study on Karnataka Bank Limited
− Dr. H.Y. Kamble, Dr. Mahesh G. Deshpande
32. HRM, Training and Development Imperatives in Indian Banks: A Case Study of Canara Bank
− Miss Savita Bhandarkar
33. Impact of Training and Development Programmes on Bank Staff − A Study
− Pramod Krishnarao Kulkarni, Dr. FLY. Kamble
34. Training and Development of Employees in NIIT
− Miss Madhura Kolhapure
Part 8: Employee Motivation

35. Employee Motivation in Commercial Banks
− Miss Savita Bhandarkar, Dr. H. Y. Kamble
36. Employee Motivation using Motivational Techniques
− Dr. Sumithra Devi K.A., Manju Geogy, Babitha Naidu, Vidya Rao
37. A Study of Key Motivating Factors for Pilots of Civil Aviation in India
− Dr. Suruchi Pandey
38. Role of Communication in Motivating Employees
− Sunaina Hoogan, Sushma Pathl
Part 9: Employee Retention

39. Retention Strategies to Arrest Attrition Rate
− Dr. Janardhan G Naik
40. Effective Employee Retention Strategies in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Belgaum
− Mr. Vishwanath S. Talzvar, Dr. H.Y. Kamble
41. Retention is Better than Recruitment
− Mr. Sanjeev M. Deshpande, Dr. Mahesh Deshpande
42. Empirical Study on Employee Job Satisfaction and Retention, Pune
− Prof Sujata Bolake, Prof Meetali More
Section C: Human Resource Management − A General Approach

43. The Value of Marketing Values to Employees: Communicating Corporate Brands to Employees
− Dr. Ramesh R. Kulkarni, Prof Alvina Clara
44. Foreign Direct Investments and Its Impact on Employee Performance and Satisfaction in Manufacturing Industries an Empirical Study of Karnataka State
− Prof Basavaraj S. Kudachimath
45. Automation of HR Departments − Benefits of Using HRMS
− Prof S.G. Hundekar, Dr. Saneem Fatima, S.A. Majeed
46. Designing Reward Systems for a Diverse Workforce with Focus on Employee`s Needs
− Sneha S. Kairanna, Sambatur Sridhar, Rajani Suresh
47. Moving from Urgent, Important to Meaningful Human Resource Management
− Dr. Ilitamkumar Kinange
48. Changing Scenario of Human Resource Management in the 21st Century: A Study
− Dr. C.I. Chalawadi, Dr. B.S. Navi
49. Role of Career Anchors in Job Selection, Change and Satisfaction: An Empirical Study
− Tazeentaj Mahat, Chetan Hiremath
50. Dynamics of Human Resource Management in Retail Industry: Key Needs and Challenges
− Sanjeev Rathod, N. Ashoka, Kuldeep Choudhary, Shreedevi B.C., Nataraj Patted
51. Cross Cultural Issues in Human Resource Management
− Chidanand Patil, Vijayachandra Reddy S., Shivaszoamy G.P.
52. Filling Square Holes with Square Pegs − Addressing the Problem of Jobs Galore and Paucity of Employable Candidates
− Swatee Jog
53. A Study of Human Resource Development in Construction Industry − A Case Study of “Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation Limited”
− Padmaja M. Shankargoud
54. Employee First and Customers Next
− Prof. Meetali More, Prof. Sujata Bolake
55. Human Resource Development, Its Management and Outsourcing
− M.S. Patil
56. Performance Appraisal: A Tool to Augment the Organizational Efficiency
− Shivaswamy G.P, Vijayachandra Reddy S., Chidanand Patil
57. Employee Engagement − Satisfied Employee Reflects the Company Brand to the Customer
− Mrs. Dipti Tulpule
58. “Pet at Work”: A Novel Tool for Managing Stress Levels of Employees
− Prof. Purushottam Bung*


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