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Employee Welfare and Social Security


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Globalisation along with information technology brought wonderful shifts in the business processes as well as living of people across the world. Globalisation brought paradigm shifts in human resource management, including labour welfare and social security measures adapted by various countries. Thus, a number of changes took place in labour welfare and social security measures.

Consequently, the significance and utility of labour welfare and social security measures and benefits are manifested that necessitated various universities in the past to introduce a subject on “Labour Welfare and Social Security”. The current scenario intensified the utility of the subject even at the under-graduate level and as such the students at B.Com. and BBM level are also expected to know the concepts and practices of labour welfare and social security. Consequently, universities initiated the introduction of the subject on `Labour Welfare and Social Security` for B.Com. students.

Against this background, an attempt is made to provide the basic concepts of Labour Welfare and Social Security. This text covers all the concepts of `Labour Welfare and Social Security` subject of B.Com. degree of Bangalore University.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Industrial Accidents, Employee Safety, Industrial Health and Occupational Hazards and Risks
3. Living Conditions
4. Labour Administration − 1
5. Labour Administration − 2
Skill Development


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Dr. A.M. Sarma,

Dr. P. Subba Rao


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