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Encyclopaedia Supply Chain Management (Set of 3 Volume)


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Flow of goods form the place of production to the market is the main concern of Supply Chain Management. IF focuses on the flow of goods, knowledge and money across the entire organization, from material suppliers to producers to consumers. Various diverse steps taken by various personnel deal with this exercise of management. Consequently, any step by anyone in the chain, influences the whole system because of being interlinked with each other.

Present modest work is a serious endeavour. It focuses on various aspects of Supply Chain Management, as an important discipline of Management. Every possible attempt has been made to make the work interesting and easy. Though not the last word on the subject yet, it would definitely prove to be immensely beneficial and reader-friendly for student, researchers, scholars, academics and general readers, alike.

This meritorious work is worth purchasing and keeping, as an asset.

Book Content of Encyclopaedia Supply Chain Management (Set of 3 Volume)
Volume I


  1. Introduction
  2. Key Components of Supply Chain Management
  3. Supply Chain and Marketing Strategies
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Marketing Research
  6. Sales Forecasting
  7. Organised Methods of Product Development
  8. Operation Management
  9. Supply Chain Management
  10. Consumer SurveysBibliography

Volume II


  1. Sales Management and Sales Control
  2. Sales Management for Export Trade
  3. System in Salesmanship
  4. Organisation of Manufacturing Concerns
  5. Decision-making and Operation Research
  6. Sales Organisation and Operation Research
  7. Wholesale and Retail Distribution
  8. Quantitative market AnalyisBibliography

Volume III


  1. Marketing Research Procedure
  2. Marketing Strategies and Paradigms
  3. Business Models
  4. Modern System of Credit
  5. Logistics and Supply Chain Functions
  6. Process Orientation and Relationship Management
  7. Electronic Commerce and Supply Chain Management



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Dr. S.U. Farooqui


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