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Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management (Text & Cases)


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The field of entrepreneurship has grown in recent decades into an interdisciplinary area of study that has found a secure niche in both humanities and business education. Today’s students, in all their wonderful diversity, are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, leaders and managers. They are the hope of 21st century. While continuing to emphasize the relevance of cultural diversity, the global economy, ethics and social responsibility, the imperatives of quality and high performance for entrepreneurs and enterprises, management educators must step confidently forward. New values and management approaches are appearing; the nature of work and organizations are changing; the age of information is not only with us, it is transforming organizations and our everyday lives.

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management fourth edition is for this time of transformation. It is comprehensive, provides up-to-date discussion of the most prominent issues in the field of entrepreneurship theory and developments, and is useful as a text in entrepreneurship courses for both the MBA and the graduate level. The modular format not only supports instructional excellence and learning, but is also an important reference for scholars and thoughtful executives interested in the cutting edge of theory and research in entrepreneurship development.

BOOK AT A GLANCE – Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management fourth edition presents the essentials of entrepreneurship development and project management as they apply within the contemporary work environment. Its goal is to create entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurs. Hence, the subject matter is a careful choice to meet not only the university syllabi requirements but allow extensive flexibility to fit various course designs and class sizes, including multidisciplinary and integrative curriculum settings. Importantly, this is by blending the fundamentals of entrepreneurship with special attention to practical concerns. Preparation of this edition has provided an opportunity to incorporate new developments and increase its value. The major change from the previous edition is the complete revamping of the layout into three parts: Part I – Entrepreneurship Development consists of seven chapters: The Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Competencies, Entrepreneurship, Classification of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Development, Strategic Management and Strategic Entrepreneurship. Part II – Project Management also consists of seven chapters: Project Management, Business Planning Process, Relevant Acts for Entrepreneurs, Government Policies — Small-scale Industries, Forms of Organizations, Resources Management and Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurship. Part III – Entrepreneur’s Training Kit consists of Case Method, Cases, Tool Kit, 25 Frequently Asked Questions, Appendices, Additional Reading and Glossary of Terms. Each part addresses an important issue for entrepreneurship development and project management and consists of various issue-based chapters. This is to facilitate the reader for using the book as per need and interest.


Contents –

1. The Entrepreneur
2. Entrepreneurial Competencies
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Classification of Entrepreneurship
5. Entrepreneurship Development
6. Strategic Management
7. Strategic Entrepreneurship
8. Project Management
9. Business Planning Process
10. Relevant Acts for Entrepreneurs
11. Government Policies — Small-Scale Industries
12. Forms of Organizations
13. Resources Management
14. Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurship
Case Method
Tool Kit
25 Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of Terms
Additional Reading


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