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Environmental Management


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With the intention of imparting education and spreading awareness related to environment and environmental problems, the Government of India has decided to include environmental education at various levels in the education system.

With the above aim in mind, the present book is written so as to enable students to understand and study our environmental challenges which our country and the world are facing.

The present work is an effort to provide the students quality information which will include knowledge about the basic concepts of environment as well as providing a holistic approach to study the various environmental aspects. The book will also help the readers to understand how our day to day activities and actions are related to the environmental problems at local, regional, national and global level.


Contents :

1. Components of Environment
2. Biogeochemical Cycles
3. Resources and Wealth
4. Environmental Degradation
5. Environmental Pollution
6. Waste Management
7. Disaster Management
8. Sustainability Definition and Importance
9. Environmental Regulation
10. Non-conventional Energy Resources and Innovations in Business


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Arya D. Mane,

Nadar Kalaiselvi,

Sagar Anand Marathe


Himalaya pub